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Engage your customers

with an interactive mobile experience.

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Create unique mobile pages

& experiences for every product

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& Get Creative With Campaigns

Deliver Instant Product Promotions

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Gather valuable customer insight

& Personalize Your Interaction

Create remarkable mobile experiences



Qliktag enables you to design, deploy & manage interactive in-store mobile engagement, custom branded mobile retail apps for stores, mobile loyalty programs & mobile commerce applications quicker than anybody else.

Create unique interactive mobile experiences & pages for every individual product SKU / item consumers come into contact with.

Qliktag Q Engine iBeacon Mobile Engagement


Create engaging, completely customized retail mobile apps for your brand & stores with rich features delivered in as little as 36 hours.


Deliver verified, accurate, GS1 standard, EU1169 compliant product data & labeling data digitally via mobile / online with ease.


Why? Because today’s customers reach for their smartphones.

Qliktag is a highly innovative on-premise / in-store mobile engagement platform which enables brands and retailers to connect & captivate smartphone users as they shop.

Using the cloud based Qliktag Q*Engine platform, you can create, design & deliver a highly customized mobile experience for each individual product a customer comes into contact with, provide valuable product information, video messages, promotions, offers, contests & more. Also with Qliktag’s Q*App you can get a customized, feature rich mobile retail app for your stores or brand quickly & cost effectively. 

This can result in higher sell-through & stronger relationships with customers. Qliktag also helps gather feedback, insights & data from individual customers so you can know your customers better!

The Qliktag mobile experience may be activated through QR codes, NFC technology, Bluetooth, Proximity Beacons, simple URLs or even regular product bar codes using everyday, internet enabled smartphones.


Design your first Qliktag mobile experience FREE.

Simply fill out your contact details & we’ll set you up with a login so you can design your first Qliktag mobile experience & evaluate.

Engage Customers

Give your products a voice to tell their stories, speak to customers and engage them with information, content & offers while they shop and use their mobile devices in store or on premise.

Increase Sell-Through Rates

Encourage interaction with products, enable information delivery through the product packaging, store shelf or product merchandising environment & drive an increase in sell-through rates.

Deliver An Experience

Gather information, preferences, feedback and customer insights as they shop and leverage the data to deliver a more personalized experience for your customers improving loyalty & connect.

“We are moving towards an era where not just every organization & person in the world has a website or page on the web, but an era where every “THING”, item, product or SKU in the world will have a mobile optimized web page online. The internet of things & era of mobile experience is real & it’s happening!”

Connect, Engage & Captivate Mobile Consumers With Qliktag

Create Unique Product Landing Pages

Deliver Rich Mobile Content To Customers

Design Offers & Promotions

Add Forms & Gather Information

Enable Social Media Sharing

Create Products Suggestions / Comparisons

Launch Contents & Campaigns

Create A Dialogue With Customers

Great! I’d like to see it for myself.

If you’d like to try Qliktag, click the button below and we’ll set you up with a demo account & help you get more insight on how it can help your brand / business get creative with a mobile experience for your customers.

Connect With Millions of Smartphone Users as They Shop

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