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Engage your customers

with an interactive mobile experience.

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Engage customers in-store

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Improve customer relationships

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Gather valuable customer insight

Connect. Engage. Captivate.

Mobile engagement is revolutionizing retail.

Research from the NPD Group points to 75% of consumers using smartphones while they shop. O&M has revealed 70% of purchase decisions are made in-store and with over 1.5 billion smartphone users in the world, mobile strategy is becoming an increasingly important area for businesses that are looking to tap into this growing technology driven interactive medium.

With Qliktag, we offer a cloud based technology platform that allows brands and retailers to design and set up an interactive mobile experience on location which connects with customers, engages them while helping you gather valuable insights.

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Connect With Millions of Smartphone Users as They Shop

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Deliver a mobile experience your customers will love.

Qliktag is a highly innovative on-premise / in-store mobile engagement platform which enables brands and retailers to connect & captivate smartphone users as they shop.

Using the cloud based Qliktag platform, you can create, design & deliver a highly customized mobile experience for each individual product a customer comes into contact with, provide valuable product information, video messages, promotions, offers, contests & more.

This can result in higher sell-through & stronger relationships with customers. Qliktag also helps gather feedback, insights & data from individual customers so you can know your customers better!


The Qliktag mobile experience may be activated through QR codes, NFC technology, Bluetooth, Beacons, simple URLs or even regular product bar codes using everyday, internet enabled smartphones.

Qliktag helps…

  • Engage your customer in-store & increase revenue
  • Improve customer retention & loyalty
  • Gather insight to deliver a personalized experience


Here are some of our clients who have lead the way with innovative campaigns